Hi, my name is Brantley. I go by Daax online! Why? Well that is actually the character I use for almost all of my gaming. Ranging from video games to tabletop. Be it Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft, you will find that name in those games. It was first made in Dungeons & Dragons for my Hill Dwarf Druid. My title being Daax the Casual, this is the embodiment of what I believe to be an error on part of some Tech companies and Designers. We are all casuals. You don’t have to be ALL THE WAY into everything that you stumble across, and this matches perfectly with my personality, as I am constantly looking into new and interesting things to learn about.

This business DaaxGad is something that I have had in my mind for quite a long time, and it is a true passion made manifest. Technology in all forms in something that I find truly interesting, especially when we consider the impact it has on human beings. Not only in our day to day life, but also the Grand Scheme of Humanity, and this should not be “checked” by making things overly-complex or forgoing the gateway to the common human.

My goal, is to bring about all forms of tech and gadgetry to the casual person. From kids to elders, students to professors, parents to bachelors. Everyone that you can think of! If there is an underlying interest in technology, I want us to have a group to discuss and distribute that interest to all folks.

Thank You,


AKA. Daax the Casual

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