Some of you may be parents, but I would bet most of you at least know parents! I was looking more into what smartwatches are good for, and one thing that hadn’t previously crossed my mind was that children can use them in order to stay in touch with parents. So I was reading about this watch called the TickTalk3. Here are some cool features!

  • IP67 Waterproofing Tech
  • Facetalk 2
  • Locator
  • Messaging
  • SIM Card Access

Now all of this put together is basically making it so that the watch is perfect for kids to stay in touch with parents, while also being rugged! It is important to always note that it is more Water-Resistant than anything, and the SIM Card is essential for a lot of features. The Red Rocket prepaid SIM that comes with works with either AT&T or T-Mobile, but you can get a SIM from your own carrier as well! I will link to the Amazon page for this gadget, but feel free to look around for yourself as well.

It seems as though the worst part of this watch is the battery life, with consumers saying it will not last the entire day, but if you give it to them while they are at school, I am sure there can be a charging schedule to work around this.

Thanks for reading everyone! This was just a little bit of what I learned checking out this watch for my parents, as something to give to my baby sister.

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