Hello All! I would like to make a short post, in regards to a couple questions that I have been made aware are commonplace for people starting blogs. I hope to address them in this post, and at the same time, open myself up a little bit to all of you.

I Will Have A TDLR At The Bottom.

Why Is This A Public Group, Rather Than A Private Blog?

The reason for this is a fairly simple one. When I was growing up, it seemed almost taboo to have an interest in all things “nerdy” to put it simply. As I have stated in my other posts, I have played so many types of games, that I was always receiving ridicule from some group or another. Playing shooters? I was Edgy. Playing MMOs? Hypernerd. Playing RPGs? Why? Last, but ,probably, least in this case Playing Tabletop RPGs? Mother of God.

I believe that these times are coming to a close. I have two little brothers (twins) who are in their Freshman year of High School. Just the other day they came to me freaking out. “We are going to play D&D with a few friends tonight! What classes should we play?” This was a revelation to me, trying to get a group together for D&D was a pain in the ass when I was younger, now it’s something that students plan together, and they don’t receive flak for this from their counterparts either! I hope to help spread this love of all things Tech to everyone, and to show how Casual you can be, while still enjoying sweet sweet Tech.

What Will You Be Writing About Daax?

In the premiere post for this website, I talked about why I am known as Daax the Casual. That is a MASSIVE part of passion and call to arms with this group. I have bounced between so many things it is mind boggling. I have a very hard time hyper-focusing, which is evident in my Steam Account. I just have such a good time trying out new things and learning about new concepts, that I always shift my focus. This is why I truly believe that this will be a crux for my mentality. I can use that to go out and seek new topics to bring back for all of us to share, and that answers this question perfectly. I will write about whatever I want.

Who Would I Love To Connect With?

If you have an interest in anything technological, I recommend this for you. I like to think of it almost as a newsletter. I will bring in smartwatches (a recent interest of mine), I will bring in Vehicular Technology (something I checked out at our State Fair this past weekend), I will bring in home appliances. You name it, and I am sure I will be bringing it in at some point. I want to connect with people who share my fascination of the future, and a passion for advancement.

What Do I Hope To Accomplish In The Coming Year?

This is the part most settled in reality. I hope to form a coalition of people, ranging from all walks of life, that can come together and share a common interest. I hope to bring this to people so that our future doesn’t seem so bleak. I am an optimistic person through and through, and I hope to maybe share that with all of you. I will have an open form of communication for all of you. Be it email, website or social media.


We will form a group. We will have a silly goose time.

Feel Free to comment below! Thank You for the read everyone, and have a great day!

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