Well let’s get right into it everyone! I was recently perusing the internet in search of gifts for my baby sister. As many of you may know I was looking into the TikTalk 3, which I have another blog about. However, I wanted to look a little bit more into technological development when it comes to mobile devices for kids! This is why I started reading about the Amazon Fire 10 for kids. Now, the reason for this is because my sister had an older iPad from my father for about 3 days before it was completely shattered. So, it seems like kind of a bad idea to just get her another iPad! I will list some of it’s cool features below in short form. Then go into the standout ones a little bit more afterwards.

TDLR: This is the gift that kids say if you love them you buy it for them!

  • Parental Created Limits & Goals
  • 2-YEAR Worry-Free Warranty
  • Over 20,000 Books, Movies, TV Shows, Apps and Games for kids 3-12
  • Age Filters
  • Parental Controlled Access of Other Apps (eg. Netflix)
  • 1080p Display
  • 32GB Storage
  • 1 YEAR of Freetime Unlimited
  • Kid-Proof Case Included

Look how Cool MOM!

Now, the two things really stood out to me among these features was the 1 year of Freetime Unlimited. This is a feature that allows the child access to that precious count of over 20,000 Kid-Friendly Apps, TV Show etc…

Then on TOP of that, you get the Kid-Proof Case & Worry-Free Warranty included when you purchase it. Which, as stated above, is kind of the kicker in my case as it would have helped with my baby sister breaking the last one. And, that glass doesn’t feel to good in anybody’s fingers, much less a child who would proceed to freak out, and for good reason! I think this product is really a home-run on Amazon’s part, and I cannot recommend it enough to all of you with children! Or somebody who is an Uncle, Aunt, Friend of a Parent and so forth.

Thank You for the read everyone. Feel free to drop a comment or question below! Also, let me know what you think is a good idea for children’s gifts?

Photo by Diego Passadori on Unsplash

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