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I recently put a blog out to all of you amazing people, about the Apple AirPods. So, I figured that it was only natural to continue down that path of looking into earbuds, and that has landed me where I am this morning. It’s time to go over Samsung’s response to those little Apple AirPods, with their Galaxy Buds. The first thing that I will say, is that I think the name is kind of weird. I’m not sure why but doesn’t it seem to you all that Galaxy Buds just doesn’t feel right? It may just be me, but I think that word hits that weird part of the back when something is just a little bit off! Regardless, I want to dig into these a little bit more. Do you think they are just a rehash of the same tech from Apple? Let me know down below, and let’s get started everyone!

I think they look pretty alright!

A List of Features

  • Charging Case DOUBLES As a Wireless Charger
  • The Wireless Charger Duo Is Qi Certified, So Any Qi Compatible Products Can Charge on It
  • Fast Charge 2.0
  • Charge Two Devices at Once
  • Adjustable Ear Fit (Thank God)
  • Tuned by AKG
  • Quick Ambient Mode

My Dig on This

So, for this product I don’t think it makes as much sense to just rip into these features one-by-one, as they are fairly self-explanatory. However, I would like to hypothesize what exactly Samsung was going for when they were creating this gadget. When you look at how a lot of the features are trying to push you to understanding how convenient the charging features are, it makes it seem like Samsung was using the technological development as a glorified power-bank. Now, obviously the item has way more features, but they REALLY tilt into the charging capabilities. CHARGE YOU PHONE ON IT! CHARGE YOUR WATCH! CHARGE YOUR HOUSE!!! If you don’t see what I mean, check out any other media they created for these little do-dads. This picture below is an example of what I mean, now of course this is a charging stand, but just replace that with the case and boom, that’s what they are going for.

Something Like This

Although, I am personally a huge sucker for battery life features and a fan of it at that. I think charging and battery life is something that people don’t realize is receiving a TON of attention and development from the Tech Industry right now. They will continue to find new ways to charge, longer distance wireless charging, more efficient batteries and whatever else you can name. All of this is obviously a huge convenience factor for the users of their product. Think about how you can daisy-chain charging, but using Fast Charge 2.0 on the case, while charging your Note 10+ and Gear3 Watch off of that. Meanwhile, your Galaxy Buds have been charging the whole dang time sitting in the case. This is so cool in my mind, just one outlet, get it all going and juiced up at the same time during the day.

Of course, the audio features on these are superb. For anyone who is not aware, AKG is pretty dang good. The adjustable ear-tip and wing-tips are so awesome, thank you for doing this Samsung. As stated previously, I have a rather large dome, and as such, ear-buds can be tricky for me (i’m looking at you Apple). Lastly, I think the Quick Ambient Mode is a nice touch that makes it so you don’t just fling up one finger signaling for your approaching fellow human to hang on just oooooone second while you dig around to pause your music or podcast.


I think this is a very cool product from Samsung, they took features that the AirPods may have missed out on, and crammed that right into their own product. Both are of course very good gadgets, and I think you just find comfort knowing that both companies have made a good product that will support their fans.

As always, feel free to communicate with me via. the box below, and I hope you all have a wonderful day! Thank You for your continued support.

Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

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