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So, most of you have know way of knowing this, but I am not a huge Apple fan. I obviously don’t hate them, I have had iPhones before, They just simply are not my favorite! Also, I am just in love with Google products right now , even thought I use a Note 10+ as my phone currently, I want to check out their newer phones next. However! I think that gives me a little credence when it comes to judging Apple’s latest model of the AirPods, right? Or maybe I am biased. Who cares? Read along.

Latest AirPods Model

Alright! So below, per usual, I am going to list a few of the cool features and what-not’s of the Apple AirPods. Let’s just get that part out of the way, then we can do the ol’ deep dive.

  • Automatically Connected & On
  • Easy Setup on Apple Devices
  • Quick “Hey Siri” Access
  • Quick Charging Case
  • Double-Tap Pause/Play
  • High Quality Audio/Voice
  • Case Allows All Day Use
  • Charge Case Either by QI-Compatible Charging Mat or Lightning Cable

Review Preface

My Fiancee is an avid Apple supporter, I don’t know why, but I have had the chance to actually use these myself, and that is the reason for me writing this review. This is something Apple did right for certain.

Clearly an Apple Fan
Photo by Oliver Pecker on Unsplash

I will first say, that I find the Charging Case to be so frign cool I cannot describe it. This is such a cool idea, that makes the battery life of the ear-buds much less worrisome than a random set of ear-buds you buy at WalMart (not knocking WalMart, I only sport their fashion). And, the fact that you can actually charge the CASE with a charging mat is even cooler. This provides a sense of security when using this product. I personally have been on the battery/charging rotation throughout a work day and it makes everything much more annoying.

The Automatic Connection/On feature is really cool as well. This makes the AirPods easy-peasy to use, and not a hassle when going from case to ear. Simply pop that case open, pull em out and stick em in! I think that this is a small user-friendly feature that does not sound like all that much when you just read about it, but when you get to try it yourself it gives you a pleasant feeling that is hard to describe. What can I say? I am a sucker for features.

The Sound/Voice Quality is surprisingly good on these. I have not dug into the Tech that lies within these as far as those components go, but I have experienced first hand that they are very high quality. Some people have a tendency to think you need a giant gaming headset to get good quality, but these were actually a very nice revelation that we are moving ever -forward in the tech field as stuff gets so tiny it seems weird. Of course then you have my Note 10+ 5G that is like a bible.

My Personal Negatives

  • I Have A Large Head, They Can Fit Funny In My Ears
  • Pricy, Depending On Your Budget
  • Non-Repairable For The Most Part


Buy them now. They are purtty good! Unless you have a giant head like me.

Thank You as always for coming everyone. This is my passion, and I look forward to continuing to pursue with you all. Feel free to drop a comment or question below and I will respond with due haste.

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