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Good morning everyone! Last night i was talking to Cristy before it was time for me to get my beauty sleep, and she said that I should try and write a blog about one of the apps that her and I use together, along with the rest of my family, Life360. It’s is a fairly straight-forward app when you just look at it, but I genuinely love the features, and what it can bring to the table for a family is nothing to turn your nose at! As a quick aside for anyone who does not know, I am the oldest of 7 children, so my family used this to keep an eye on all the little Rugrats running around!

For a digitally native family, I highly recommend that you integrate the app into your family’s phone network. Life360 is an app that helps you to protect and connect with the ones that you love most. I would like to list a few of the features that this app can bring to the table, below. I will have two lists, as there are two different plans! Before we do that however, I will let you know that some features require your family to pay for a subscription to one of the two aforementioned plans. For free, you simply add people to the “Circle” and then you can see their location, phone battery% and a couple other minor things. I urge you to at least check out the free plan, just to test the waters and see how the app works.

Life360 Plus

  • 30 Days of Locations History
  • Unlimited Place Notifications
  • Weekly Local Crime Reports
  • Priority Customer Support.

This one seems to be perfect for families with younger children, it will help to ensure their safety, and the Crime Reports feature is very nice to keep an eye on what is going around near you. It’s Place Notifications is my favorite feature, it can be fully customized meaning your family creates the locations for the group. Life360 will drop a little “ping” on your phone whenever somebody leaves “School” and then arrives at “Home”. This is automated too, all you have to do is set up your locations and notifications in the app!

Life360 Driver Protect

  • Includes Life360 Plus
  • Weekly Safe Driving Review
  • Crash Detection & Response
  • Extended Roadside Assistance

Now this one, it seems to be more geared towards Teens who may have dangerous driving habit. Or to sell you insurance (read below). Plain and Simple in my mind. I am not knocking this at all, I do think it is perfect for families who want to keep an eye on the driving habits of their kids! I am not a parent, just the oldest brother of 7.

So at a glance, these both look very nice. The Life360 Driver Protect plan helps a TON when it comes to teen drivers. I especially like the Crash Detection feature, because if they are in a situation where they cannot reach their phone, the notification from the app could actually save somebody. The Life360 Plus plan is helpful if your kids are just running around doing God knows what. Cristy and I use the basic plan, because it fulfills our needs as a couple. It helps to make sure that we both know the locations of each other in case of emergency, and Cristy has a really bad habit of letting her phone die, so I started texting her to say “hey charge your phone dummy” when the app told me she was at 20%. Also, if I am being honest, it helps keep her off my back about driving around and doing things she don’t know about! So husbands, just do it. Make the Mrs. happy.

What Does This App Signal For The Future?

When you look at this on the surface, it just seems to be a family-tracking application. However, if you just take a moment to fully understand WHAT this app is doing, you can see the unlimited potential for Life360 as a company. They are basically holding ad space, and providing a chance for companies like Root or Allstate to receive driving records in order to maybe craft a plan based the family driving as a collective. Or maybe it can point you towards a Security company, because there was recently a spike in criminal activity in your are. And you would want your poor little babies to be in danger now would you!?

Arity which is a subsidiary of the God-Complex insurance company Allstate (they invested in Life360), already gathers this data to provide drivers with a risk assessment based on your driving records in the app. So what else could Life360 use their data for? The possibilities are endless, and I for one am interested in seeing what Life360 decides to do in their future as a company. All in All, I highly recommend this app. It is PERFECT for families and loved ones to just be safer. Plain and simple.

Thank You everyone for reading. I hope you have a fantastic (and safe) day! Let me know what you think of Life360 down below, and where you see this company heading with their data collection?

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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