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If you can go back into a fuzzy, wavy, dream-like memory with me, you will recall the days-of-old (like a couple years ago) when you had to have this beast of a custom built tower to get that primo gaming experience. Dude I just upgraded to 512mbs of RAM!

Nowadays, Tech companies are trying harder everyday to develop a platform for gaming on the go. You can see this from the rise in quality of tech such as gaming laptops, mobile gaming, Google Stadia and even mobile phones themselves are marketed with their gaming functionality being one of the strong suits. As good technology becomes more compact, people start to stray from the old way of towers and bulky equipment, which makes sense! Why would you have a large tower full of cool LED fans and then all of your LED peripherals as separate pieces when you can combine those pieces and get a very high-functioning LED laptop, plug a Curved 40,000,000K Monitor into it and start playing ForkKnife like there is no tomorrow while screaming at your mom to bring you more HotPockets cus you are on a roll!

HP has come and joined the Gaming Technology fray, and made an amazing laptop that I actually own one of, the Omen. This was my first gaming laptop. Previously, I had always stuck with the bread and butter towers that I would spend money on parts to try and keep up to date with the required specifications of new games. This was actually a revelation to me when I purchased mine, gone were the days of towers. Why would you ever own one?

Now of course, towers allow for more customization, and you can get higher functionality from them for when you want to use Unreal 90 on Ultra graphics to test your new Skyrim Graphics Mod. Or you can realize that most people do not ever need that level of computation power, and would find that purchasing a Gaming Laptop makes way more sense, and doesn’t rip there wallets to shreds.

I will put an “At a Glance” spec sheet from the manufacturers themselves down below, but i will list a few of the features myself that I think are part of what you really want to know.

You will receive an Intel Core i7-8750H Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 12 GM Memory, 1TB Hard Drive & 128GB SS. Also, on the bottom-left you will notice something very interesting, you can access HDD, SSD and RAM all from the back panel! Which is very cool for a laptop.

Omen Peripherals

So of course, the laptop looks frign amazing, it has everything that most people want and need in a convenient box. I have one, and I highly recommend this beauty to all of you. It has great reviews, it looks cool, it is highly functional, you can swap the HDD, SSD and RAM on your own, and you will spend WAY less than going all out on a tower setup.


  • Plastic Instead of Aluminum Lid

This may seem like a small list, but you have to be objective when it comes to technology, and this is just something that I do not understand. It may be a budget thing, or they wanted a target weight since it is a laptop. Aside from this, you would be hard-pressed to find a legitimate con. I do remember reading a review that one lady had to get in touch with HP Tech Support to help update her driver once she moved to Windows 10, but it was resolved by HP.

That is about it folks! Thank You for stopping by, it was a great time reviewing a product I own and love. The Omen is one of the cooler things that I have purchased for myself, and I look forward to seeing what else HP will do in the future. Let me know down below where you see mobile technology going in the future!

I will never hide it, this is an Affiliate post. Doing posts like these help me continue to pursue my passion, and provide decent content for all of you. As always, I appreciate the support!

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