The Samsung App for Artists!

Good morning everyone, I hope you are off to a great start today, and are able to keep that ball rolling for the rest of your weekend!

A lot of people are online have been trying to find really cool drawing websites, but after looking at this, I recommend checking out this drawing app for the time being. Last night, after brushing my teeth, since I actually remembered this time, I was going through my Note 10+ and cleaning up all the unwanted apps that I had (I have a tendency to juts download a ton of apps that look neat, then delete the ones I don’t want later). I came across the PenUp app on my phone, and started just casually checking it out, and it dawned on me, I don’t even remember ever downloading this app. Low and behold, it is an app that actually comes with the phone. So obviously, I don’t remember downloading it. So I continued drawing and checking out the features and quickly decided I had to do a post about this one! So below I will be listing some cool features.

This is a Samsung app, not Apple.

PenUp Features

  • Color In Your Favorite Pictures
  • Draw on Top of Background Images
  • Live Drawing (Learn to Draw from Videos)
  • Social Environment for Artists
  • Coloring Books for Relaxation
  • Hall of Fame
  • Weekly Community Challenges

All together this app is like a social media app built specifically for artistic, creative minds. I personally am not an artist, but it was fun to just look over what I can do and mess with the different activates i could partake in. It is attempting to make drawing easy, but at the same time teach you to be better on your own!

What is really interesting is the Weekly Challenges and Hall of Fame. This gives the community a healthy dose of competition, and just keeps it lively. Every week is something new for their users to check out and take a swing at! Click on the PenUp words, or the app icon above to check out their website.

Photo by Norbert Levajsics on Unsplash

As always, Thank You for stopping by. Let me know down below what you think about this nifty app! Check out the Homepage for a release schedule, and the Blog Feed for other cool posts! I look forward to seeing you in the next post, and have a Great Day everyone.

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