My Baby Sister Does Not

VHS tapes are something that many of you may have NEVER actually used. I assume that many of you also remember vividly the times of 8-tracks and cassettes! Well, I was born in 1996, and I remember vividly having my own plastic tub full of my favorite movies as a child. There is something that I wanted to ask all of you. VHS, Do You Remember This Retro Tech? Was it as great as I remember it? Or is it just nostalgia? Well let’s just check them out a little bit. Click the picture of the VHS Tapes for an awesome video about these artifacts.

A stack of beautiful, old school VHS tapes that I remember stashing in my bedroom as a child.
Look at these beauties!

Earlier today I went to go talk to my baby-sister. When I walked into the living room, where she was relaxing on her Sunday off of going to school, I noticed that she was watching Rugrats in Paris. One of my favorite movies from when I was about 6-7 years old. The Rugrats was one of my absolute favorite shows when I was growing up, and it really just hit me right in the feels when she was watching it. I haven’t thought about the Rugrats in God knows how long. You just get so busy with LIFE that you rarely just stop and think about the childhood indulgences that you used to partake in. I distinctly remembered going and rewinding the tape in my dinky, used VHS player that my parents got me when I was a toddler. Am I having a “back in my day” moment for the first time? I think I am.

A Rugrats in Paris movie poster from the box art I remember.
I will not ever forget you Rugrats.

Is VHS Really Bad?

Alright, so for those of you who do not know, VHS tapes were analog video recording on tape cassettes. You would manually rewind them with a pencil, or if you had a fancy VHS player you could rewind them with a button (I broke that feature on mine). Then, you would have to actually watch the movie rewinding! You paused the VHS player, it would physically stop the player, and that little piece of tape was the part of your movie you paused it on.

They were an actual cool-looking box that you could display on your shelves, and as kids, me and the boys would gawk at hot older ladies on the box art. Like for Pretty Woman. Also, they had Playboy VHS tapes! I never knew anybody who had them, but we heard mythological tales that they existed.

Hello Julia Roberts!

VHS Nostalgia Flowed Through Me

All in all, nostalgia just hit me right in the kisser. I remember those days very fondly. Child-like wonder with nothing to worry about except being hungry, or mad at your mom for threatening to donate toys that you would leave laying around in your room. When we would run around the neighborhood on bicycles playing basketball with our neighbors, and our jobs were to just be at school, and not even the whole year!

Thank You everybody for stopping by, and for remembering the past with me. I loved these old things! So tell me, do you remember this retro tech? Also, what were some of your favorite VHS tapes that you owned back in the day? Check out the Blog Feed for other posts that you’ll enjoy, or head back to the Homepage for other features.

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

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