How Can Something Small, Have a Large Impact?

Hello everyone! And welcome to a post that is a kick-back of sorts to something I mentioned briefly in my post for Wink 2. For anyone who has not read it, I highly recommend that you do. Regardless, we are going to be going over something very interesting today. Smart lighting, and what are the benefits of using smart lightbulbs?

So with something as small as a lightbulb, it may be difficult to see how it could actually help your household in the long run. However, studies are being done on the effects of switching to a smarter, and more sustainable lighting system. So, the benefits of using smart lightbulbs, like the very ones we will be talking about, will be broken down to more than just random study mumbo-jumbo. This can, of course, be translated for in-house effectiveness, and not JUST commercial or government applications.

A picture from Constellation themselves! Check out their website by clicking the image.

In-House Benefits of Using Smartlighting

Now usually, this is where I would use my usual format and make a nice little list, then break it down for everyone right under it. Well today, I will not be doing that. Just kidding yes I will! Let’s GET IT ON.

  • Lower Energy Use & Longer Life-Span
  • Security Functions via. Motion-Detection

When you look at long boring government studies like Lifetime of White LEDs, is it any wonder that Smartlights are the future? Unless you are like me and find this read very boring. Basically, you can expect about 35,000-50,000 hours out of your LEDs, as opposed to the 75-2,000 from an Incandescent lightbulb. So if you look at the low-end for both of those number, that is 466x the lifetime. You can also imagine the shock on a neerdowell’s face when they get bombarded with LED flood lights when they try to sneak into your garage to steal beer! Lastly, how fun would it be to bring home your lady love and put that nice deep red mood lighting on? Cristy told me it hurt her eyes so there goes that. Nonetheless, it is super cool!

As usual, I want to thank all of you for indulging in this topic with me. I love what I do, and I appreciate your support very much! Let me know what you think a good application for Smartlights is, or your own personal experience with them! Thank you all, and have an amazing day.

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