How Can I Help With Sustainability?

Many of you know that as humanity moves into the future, we cannot sustain the level of fossil-fuel use that we currently rely on. Not only is it mathematically impossible, it is also not good for our environment. I used to not be the kind of person to “hug trees” or tell you to use paper straws (this concept still needs some work). And while I am still not that guy, I have recently had a different revelation. The more I read into technology’s ability to help humanity, the more I realize that we can use a lot of these concepts to sustain our planet Earth. As well as just normal, easy ways on How To Help Earth At Home.

One thing that needs to be known, is you do not have to swing all over the political spectrum just because you care about your emissions. You don’t have to go out and buy a Prius. You don’t have to use the aforementioned paper straws. And you don’t have to stop a bulldozer by chaining yourself to a tree. This may sound odd, but many people feel like climate change or green initiatives are politically-charge. The ISSUE is that the government is of course biased, so naturally they want to swing you one way or the other. Do NOT play into government ploys. You can help nature in your day-to-day life without picking sides.

Just Another Thing To Do

Most of the people that I talk with feel like their lives are already full of just crap to do. For lack of a better word. They feel like they can’t take on another task in their routines, because they already have work, family, wife, husband, kid’s ball games, taking out the trash, doing dishes, extra work, a side-gig, or maybe passion projects. There are so many things that happen in our daily routines, that the idea of yet another duty is paralyzing. Well what if we just had a few small things we could do to help? Things that won’t break the bank, or take all of our time.

Another thing is all the reading associated with it. I recently was enveloped in the world of Sustainable & Smart Technology, and holy crap, is there a lot of reading and time associated with it. I am convinced you could spend your entire life just learning about these concepts and what all the moving parts are. There are studies, research papers, analytics and many other pieces of information. So why don’t we just break it down into smaller things that can help?

Small & Convenient Strategies

Just A Little Goes A Long Way!

4 Small Steps You Can Take In Your Day-to-Day Life

  1. Pick Up A Piece of Trash

    As weird as this seems, trash that is litter as opposed to dumped is harmful. There have been links to storm drain blockage, unnatural mosquito populations, and decreased water retention in soil, due to plastics mainly. Not to mention the impact on oceans.

  2. Turn Off Lights

    This can also be a method that saves YOU money too. A lot of the time, you can just walk into another room and leave a lamp on. Or just hit the switch and turn it off. Pretty easy right? In this article by ClearlyEnergy, they say an incandescent bulb can cost as much as $0.75 an HOUR! Check out our post on Smart-Lights for saving money with Smarter lighting choices.

  3. Leaving The AC On

    I was previously an HVAC Technician, and I cannot tell you how many people saved money by just using a programmable thermostat, or upgrading to multi-stage equipment. People spend hundreds of dollars per season just letting these things run full-blast, full-time. Just turn the thing off when you leave, or get a better unit. Most HVAC companies will even finance them for you.

  4. Try Samsung Global Goals App

    I wrote an article recently about this App which allows you to generate donation money through advertising on your lock-screen and charging-screen for your Samsung phones. This initiative is not only for Samsung users, this is just the app I use personally!

  5. Limit At-Home Waste

    I know many people who use plastic utensils on a regular basis. Why? This has always genuinely astonished me. You will spend more money, and create a larger waste-print than if you just get a handful of reusable utensils. If you are intent on using disposable, use these WoodAble disposable utensils.

    WoodAble is an affiliate that I highly recommend to everybody I know.

Why Is Litter Actually Bad?

I recently found myself wondering why litter actually matters. I won’t do an entire post about it here, but in the future I may look at writing an article about it. The reason that I put the 1st step as picking up a piece of trash is because I read some words from a gentleman Ranjith Annepu about the “broken window” theory. When you throw trash around on the ground, people who see it are more likely to find it acceptable as a society to just do the same thing over and over again. He cites his homeland of India as an example, where there is even a group called The Ugly Indians who are trying to reverse this trend where they live.

Aside from these psychological reasons, landfills are strategically placed most of the time, and are built with waste-retention in mind. Most landfills actually contain a liner that is laid out under them to keep that acidic leachate in check. Although I understand that this method is currently being looked at as unsustainable, it helps for around 45 years. Unlike the storm drain that is on your neighborhood street, and just washes trash into natural water-sources or causes it to get stuck and cause damage to the environment.

Help Yourself Along The Way

Many of these methods are small, simple steps that you can take to help the planet, and yourself. Save some money along the way. You don’t need to go out of your way really much at all. And along these paths, you are helping yourself out every step of the way. We are all part of this planet, and I figure we have an inherent responsibility to do our part in upholding it.

Check out the Blog Feed for other posts that you’ll enjoy, or head straight back to the Homepage for other features! Also, check out another Smart-Lighting article I recently did. We are interested to hear what goals you all support, or what your personal routines are to help out. Thank You all for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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