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What is a Smart Plug?

It seems fairly straight forward right? It’s just a little box you plug into the outlet and boom! Now you have a Smart-Home.

But, the real question is why use smart plugs at all? Today, I would like to go over some small benefits of using them, and also a few smart plugs that I think are noteworthy enough to actually implement in you own home as well. Not to mention what the heck are they? And why are they something you should even give the time of day!

smart plug is akin to a “charging cube” for your cell phones, you just plug them into an electrical outlet and then you have the ability to integrate your technology into you smart home network, so then you can control the plug and it’s hardware through either an app, or your virtual assistants! (Siri, Bixby, Alexa, Google etc…)

Features of Smart Plugs

The idea behind a smart plug is that you can give your home an upgrade, without breaking the bank. Smart Plugs can in theory be an addition to any of your day to day devices such as your beside lamps! They offer an extreme level of convenience, and can also save you money in the long run. If you are in a rush to leave the house and just leave a lamp on, you are wasting the small amount of life an incandescent has. If you want to look at longer bulb-life, check out our article on Smart Lights!

Benefits of Smart Plugs

  1. App-Based Timers

    Using an app-based timer will allow you greater control of you home’s appliances. Being able to set timers is something you can really dump some time into and become micro-efficient!

  2. Energy Consumption Tracking

    A small step that you can take is checking the output of the devices that you connect to your smart plugs. This allows you to better map consumption, and in turn take steps to live a more sustainable life.

  3. Restricting Latent Consumption

    In some cases, you can actually set the limit for latent consumption of devices ran through a smart plug. This simply means you can have a sort of cap on the consumption, and at the point, it will shut it down for you. This works very well with things like lights.

  4. Separate Remotes

    (Some Models)
    This will allow you to have remote access without running all these apps and connections through your phone. A great step for people not wanting to dive headfirst into household connectivity.

  5. Internal Power Surge Protection

    Your smart plug most likely comes with a feature that will actually save you a lot of money in the case of a house-wide power surge. Instead of all that electricity flying back into your toaster, the plug itself will catch the damage.

Some Recommended Products

Amazon Smart Plug

This is a good, middle of the ground product. It has great reviews, and is actually certified for operation with Alexa.

Gosund Smart Plug

A little more expensive than an Amazon smart plug, but it holds the #1 spot for it’s category on Amazon.

Kasa Smart Plug Lite

These actually come in a 2-pack,and are a bit cheaper, but they hold less features. Don’t fret though, they still blow away the reviews!

A little picture showing the difference between a regular and smart plug.
Photo by Frederick Tubiermont on Unsplash

Cost Of Smart Plugs

A factor that frequently causes people to shy away from smart technology is that it seems very costly. The good news, is that you don’t always have to break the bank in order to upgrade the “IQ” of your home. These smart plugs are they perfect example of a way to upgrade the performance of your house for cheap.

The good news is also that you only pay anywhere from $25-$50 on Amazon. And in due time, you can easily save money by using these as an intermediary step for you regular electronics. I would also recommend looking into a hub system for your home. This is a way that you can sort of blend your smart technology together, and add another level of user-convenience

Why Would I Use Them?

Aside from the obvious effect being that you can creative a more efficient and home-owner friendly household, this is a small way that you can integrate a more sustainable lifestyle into your everyday routine. One of my goals in life is to help the world in being more sustainable. This is obviously a huge (and quite stupid) undertaking, but I figure just helping people implement non-intrusive methods into their everyday life is the least I can do. You will save money, and our planet, with the proper methods. And, they do not need to be overtly complex methods at all.

This is a true passion of mine, and I want to thank all of you for taking the time to improve our world. Check out the Blog Feed for other posts that you’ll enjoy, or head straight back to the Homepage for other features! Also, I am interested to hear what sustainability goals you all support, or what you do as a step in improving your legacy on this Earth. Thank You all for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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