Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

Who Is Open AI? To start off, if you do not follow the Open AI on any social media, I highly recommend that you do. They post some really cool stuff, and create some amazing developments in the robotics field. Not to mention the famous rubik’s cube solving robot that we are talking about today.

Why Should You Recycle Old Technology?

One of the larger parts of research & development for consumer electronics is the real-world applications of their products, and reviews from users. This is why you frequently will find small issues or complaints for products after receiving them. When you look at beta-testing for these products, they may have a few people that work

Google Pixel 4 and 4 Xl

I Love You Google For anyone who is not aware, Google recently showed their 4th generation Pixel phones, and they look SO COOL. I am not doing a long drawn out post about these phones. I do not want to just sit here and talk about how much I like Google products, otherwise we would

Vaping Facts

How Vaping Actually Works Well well well, look what we are talking about today. Let’s go ahead get this out of the way now. I do the vaping. I have been for a long time. Don’t you find it odd that all these vaping issues are just coming up after 16 ENTIRE years? Regardless, let’s

Bixby. Samsung’s A.I. of the Future!

How I Found This App In a previous post for PenUp, I mentioned my tendency to do an app cleansing periodically (this is a weird thing I do with all my gadgets). Well, while I was perusing yet again to do my cleaning on the ol’ cellular device, I came across another app I had

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