Why Use Smart Plugs

Sustainability is becoming an evermore important topic. And I find there are quite a few small steps that we can all take, in order to do our part!

Google Pixel 4 and 4 Xl

I Love You Google For anyone who is not aware, Google recently showed their 4th generation Pixel phones, and they look SO COOL. I am not doing a long drawn out post about these phones. I do not want to just sit here and talk about how much I like Google products, otherwise we would

Bixby. Samsung’s A.I. of the Future!

How I Found This App In a previous post for PenUp, I mentioned my tendency to do an app cleansing periodically (this is a weird thing I do with all my gadgets). Well, while I was perusing yet again to do my cleaning on the ol’ cellular device, I came across another app I had

All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 for Kids!

Well let’s get right into it everyone! I was recently perusing the internet in search of gifts for my baby sister. As many of you may know I was looking into the TikTalk 3, which I have another blog about. However, I wanted to look a little bit more into technological development when it comes

Thumbnail Blaster! Software for Content Creators

What is Thumbnail Blaster? I was reading an article earlier today about an A.I. Software that takes a lot off the shoulders for content creators, and I decided to dig deeper. What I found was a duo, Stoica & Vlad M, that are from Blaster Suite. They have 10 years experience in the video marketing

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