Bluetooth Blog

A Bluetooth Blog that I came across with another blogging member of the Technology community. I highly recommend this read, as I found it fascinating!

Thumbnail Blaster! Software for Content Creators

What is Thumbnail Blaster? I was reading an article earlier today about an A.I. Software that takes a lot off the shoulders for content creators, and I decided to dig deeper. What I found was a duo, Stoica & Vlad M, that are from Blaster Suite. They have 10 years experience in the video marketing

Why Am I Starting This Business?

Hi, my name is Brantley. I go by Daax online! Why? Well that is actually the character I use for almost all of my gaming. Ranging from video games to tabletop. Be it Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft, you will find that name in those games. It was first made in Dungeons &

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